About our CEO

Jackie Pryor

Making the leap from corporate America to running my own company has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. After working for many years as an administrative executive in the field of education I began studying the Fair Credit Reporting Act in my spare time. It was my experience in education as well as my business administration background that motivated me to pursue my very own credit business. Since starting out in 2018 I have worked thousands of hours mastering the practice of credit disputes, credit building, and proper credit utilization. After consulting my family/close friends my network has expanded to include hundreds of satisfied clients who have gone on to purchase homes, new cars, and obtain low interest credit cards. I use to imagine how I would put my master’s degree to use in the corporate world… Now I know that my destiny is to use my education and passion to help others in order to build my own business. I look forward to helping new and established clients alike by standing shoulder to shoulder with you on the frontline down the road to excellent credit.